• TAP-502-S系列螺旋絲攻 (公制牙)

TAP-502-S系列螺旋絲攻 (公制牙)

S Series Spiral Flute Taps (Metric Thread)   S系列螺旋絲攻 (公制牙)


The excellent flute design produces fine and curled chips. The correct helical angle provides smooth chips exhaust. When thread tapping is finished, chips smoothly exhaust out from TAP.

The S series is special taps that combine tapping and rolling cutting functions in one. The cutting edges for initial full thread cutting edge feature TAFLET RELIEF with non-flute tap; therefore ,the TAP feed force is adjustable. This fully eliminate female thread enlarge problem even tapping soft steel.

Once the female threads are cut, then TAFLET RELIEF machining is applied by non-flute tap. This provides more smooth and beautiful thread flanks than that of only cutting motion.

Taps are properly heat treated and surface treated according to workpiece material.