• CNC精密倍力虎鉗-定壓增壓型 AFPV

CNC精密倍力虎鉗-定壓增壓型 AFPV



l          The vise is made by precision and grinding processes, it's suitable for vertical / horizontal machine centers.

l          Vise body material is high ductility of spherical graphite cast iron (FCD600) integral product design, vise both sides of the slide hardened heat (HRC50°), ensure high precision and high wear resistance, high tensile strength.

l          Fixed block and sliding block are steel and heat treatment HRC 50° or more, hardness and wear resistance is high, user may add or replace the processing needs of different specifications of the jaw plate.

l          CNC precision vise owns special nut with structure of under the pressure, can be generated under the power of the lock, remove the clamping jaw lifts and the workpiece titles.

l          Mechanism designpatented design, with rapid pressurization and high clamping force of the unique characteristics of the pressuring mechanism (highest up to 5500 kgf).

l          The vise has four clamping ways for client to choice.

l          The vise with anti-litter design prevents iron filings drop into the vise, and iron filings easily discharged inside the interior and extend its lifetime.

l          These vises have fixed specifications. Many vises will be used together at the same time.