• MC空油壓精密快速虎鉗 TPV

MC空油壓精密快速虎鉗 TPV




l          Quick clamping and relieving

The vise principle is the use reciprocating air compressor motor. The method of oil passage by pushing continuous pressure to achieve automation.

l          High clamping force

Low-pressure compressed air source 8kg / cm2, the clamping force can be up to ultrahigh 9000 kgf.

l          Automatically find the highest pneumatic source

When copper and aluminum products are light processing or raw material of cast iron is heavy cutting. Set at the desired pressure with the regulator, will not result in low air pressure source and loss of pressure, and the regulator can fill and fix the pressure function automatically, to ensure the clamp of the workpiece.

l          Humanized design

Just a manual switch control vise switch, the switching speed of just 1.5 seconds, holding a safe distance for 8mm, during operation to prevent injured. When the clamp can also be done with a special automated unmanned production system design (can be used with electrically controlled valve or via the controller machine's operation).

l          Stand, side, lying with three for use

Vises fix sizes, body's six-sides polished plate and set aside slots, no fixture plate, you can vertical processing.

l          Ultra Material

Vise body material with high ductility of spherical graphite cast iron (FCD600) integral product design, vise both sides of the slide hardened heat (HRC45 °), ensure high precision and high wear resistance, high tensile strength.

l          Hemi-spherical structure

The semi-sphere shape can be generated under the power of the lock, the jaw plate doesn't lift and the workpiece doesn't tilt.