• TAP-501-螺旋絲攻 (公制&英制牙)

TAP-501-螺旋絲攻 (公制&英制牙)

SFT Spiral Flute Taps (Metric Thread & Imperial)  螺旋絲攻 (公制&英制牙)


To suit the blind hole tapping operations, the helical angle and shape of flute on a spiral flute tap have been specially designed. The optimal helical angle design allows chips to be smoothly exhausted from the hole. The flute shape will enable chips to become fine and curled. For tapping on workpieces, such as carbon steels, alloy steels and non-ferrous metals, the series of taps features outstanding durability, high accuracy and longer service life. 

he taps are manufactured from high speed steel with high vanadium content for maximum durability as well as maximum wear-resistance.

Chamfer length for blind hole is 2.5 threads. Thread accuracy complies with SP accuracy that is equal to JIS class 2 products and extra high accuracy products.